Monday, November 24, 2008

baby blankets - $35

***update*** see my newer post of baby blankets for pictures!!

well, i have made my first baby blanket for a friend who just had a precious baby girl. however, i was so excited to give it to them that i forgot to take a picture of it!! so, for now, i'll just describe it to you and as soon as i get a picture of it, i'll post it!
it is chocolate brown satin on one side and baby pink minky swirl on the other...SO SOFT!! on the brown satin i embroidered "gabriella" in the bottom corner and "11.13.08" in the opposite corner. the minky fabric is also the trim on the brown satin side, so on the brown side, you see the minky fabric as the trim and the baby's name and birthdate in pink thread to match. i can also do time of birth, weight and length of baby, initials, etc. i can also do other colors such as green blue yellow and white minky, with your choice of color for the satin fabric. pretty much any color combination you'd like. i did pink and brown for this blanket because that's how her nursery is decorated. i can also do printed satin for an added design. the possibilities are endless!! 
it's such a cute baby gift and my friends loved it because it was personalized. so, watch out all of my preggo friends, there might be one coming your way!!

these are the fabrics i used. the pink is a little more pink than the picture shows.

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