Saturday, November 15, 2008

more big brother, big sister shirts - $15

i used fabric instead of felt this time. i kinda like how it frays around the edges. and i did an embroidery overlap instead of just on the star for something different.


gracelaced said...

Courtney--i've been meaning to write you and tell you how cute your stuff is! and that i had just missed you at Hip Stitch the other day. i'm hoping to actually start my etsy store sometime on the other side of baby...have you thought of doing one? it'd be great exposure for you...and could link right off your blog! --Ruth

the byrd family said...

isn't that such a great little shop!

i have looked into etsy i'm just not sure i'm ready for it yet. it seems like i need stock of things and i mostly do custom orders. would it still work for me?

when is baby due?? i saw your facebook pic the other day, you look amazing!!